An online bookstore that helps students save money

Akademos asked us to redesign their online bookstore product called TextbookX. Their main goal: make TextbookX easy to use and appealing to students who shop with a mobile device.

During our initial design research we learned that students consider saving money to be the most important factor they consider when making a textbook purchase. Students want the lowest price, so we designed TextbookX to help them find it by “gaming the system” to compare textbook options before they make a purchase.

The result: almost 90% of all students surveyed rated the new TextbookX powered sites both Easy to Use and a Good Online Shopping Experience. In addition, TextbookX sales from mobile devices grew 4x in 2014 versus 2013.


Gaming the Shopping Cart

We went through three rounds of testing with college students to get the shopping cart right. We knew that if we overwhelmed students with purchase options they would abandon, especially on mobile. Our solution summarizes a purchase by putting one big number front and center so students can see what they’ll pay and then adjust their options to get that number as low as possible.



Mobile Search and Checkout

Our responsive redesign of TextbookX includes search and shopping cart features that mirror what students see on the desktop.



A Design that Scales

Akademos currently provides TextbookX to students at over 220 colleges and universities. Our redesign offers a white label feature that makes it easy for Akademos developers to skin TextbookX to match a school’s colors.






More Work