DREAM & Resource Check

Two online tools that let school administrators explore
transformative budget trade-offs.

DREAM and Resource Check give administrators a real time view of key budget trade-offs using actual district data.

With DREAM, administrators can adjust cost levers in their district to instantly see how these changes impact their budget. It uses real district data and offers detailed strategies for affecting change.


Achieving Real Time Insights

After entering in their school district, administrators can use DREAM to explore budget decisions for categories such as Teachers, Special Education and Student Time. We designed the sliders so administrators can quickly try out scenarios without getting bogged down by specific numbers. DREAM also presents Transformational Tips for more efficient budgeting. Finally, a “Try It” button recommends alternate adjustments and best practices for achieving results.

ERS_dream_adjust ERS_dream_drop ERS_dream_editscenario

Resource Check

Resource Check helps school administrators explore strategies that lead to better resource use at the district level. It’s a simple to use questionnaire that analyzes how close a school’s resource allocations are to best practices and then recommends areas for improvement. We designed Resource Check to be completed in under 10 minutes as a “first step” to resource analysis. It leads administrators to more targeted analysis using tools like DREAM and ERS’s individual self-assessments.





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