Ellis Neder

I’m a product designer with fifteen years of experience creating software that improves education, healthcare, and the environment. Through my New York studio, Sway Design, I’ve helped startups, Fortune 500 companies, and non-profits build and ship over 40 web and mobile applications.

I founded Sway Design in 1999 when I left my job in the New York artworld and fell in love with Flash animation. I taught myself Actionscript and learned how to use grids, typography, and branding building websites for D’Arcy BOS Group and their clients Sony, Ernst & Young, and Sprint.

Over the next ten years I evolved from a web designer into software designer, or what is now commonly called a UX/Product designer. Between 2003 to 2014 I collaborated with the development team at Green River and together we shipped over 25 web and software projects for clients such as Starbucks, Scientific Certification Systems, The Open Society, Authors Guild, and the U.S. Green Building Council.

I enjoy working with teams designing and launching new products. In 2007 I worked with the three founders of ZocDoc to create the core of their doctor appointment booking app and supported the company as a Design Lead consultant during three years of rapid growth.

I also designed the initial product launches for panOpen (Kaplan/TechStars 2014) an open education resource platform for higher education textbooks. In the green building space I created data collection and reporting tools for GRESB.com and spent five years designing and evolving the U.S. Green Building Council’s Green Building Information Gateway (GBIG.com) which presents data about green certified buildings around the world.