GBIG 2015 – Tiles and Social Tools

March 21, 2015

We’ve updated GBIG for 2015 with new social tools and a flexible design that uses tiles to present green building data.

GBIG Tiles
Previously GBIG presented data in silos. Buildings could only be found in the Building section while stats about cities and countries were limited to Places. This made it hard to broadly see across GBIG’s data to understand what makes a building green. Our new tile design removes those old silos and allows GBIG to mix data together quickly and easily. This offers more context which makes broadly searching the site more useful. A search for “California” will now offer building data alongside Place and Insight (blog) content all on the same page.


The new tile design also lets us integrate collection and social tools right on top of GBIG’s data. You can follow a place or a building and add almost any content on the site to a custom collection that will update itself dynamically.

It’s also easy to create a place collection to find out what buildings are getting certified near where you live or in an area where you work. You can create collections for cities like Brooklyn or Los Angeles and get email updates when GBIG adds a new building certification to the database in those areas.

Social Tools
For 2015 we also designed a new set of social tools that let people create profiles to highlight their services. If you’re a green building professional, a LEED AP or an architect you can create a GBIG profile for yourself or your company and access the following features:


  • Create attractive professional profiles
  • Connect your profile to the green projects and buildings you’ve worked on
  • Create and share custom collections
  • Track buildings and places around the world


One of the great things about social tools on the web is that people often use them in ways that are unexpected. We’re excited to see what green building professionals do with GBIG now that they can join the site and start sharing their own data.

Learn more about our work on GBIG in Works or at USGBC.