Explore the green dimensions of any building in the world.

GBIG is a data tool and global directory of green-certified buildings designed for the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). GBIG lets anyone explore the green aspects of the buildings around them. It highlights high performing buildings within USGBC’s LEED certification system and integrates data from Energy Star and 20 other global certification systems.



Turning Raw Data Into Searchable Building Dashboards

USGBC challenged us to keep GBIG simple and help people answer questions like, “What’s the greenest building in China?” and “Which U.S. city has the most green buildings?” To achieve this, we focused on three goals:

Clarity: Present the data as a scale from single certifications in a project, to multiple projects in a building, to multiple buildings in cities and countries. People can start small and find a project nearby, like a solar panel installed on an office building. Or, they can scale up and see a view of all green activities aggregated into Places like cities, states, or countries.

Data Simplicity: Simple dashboards for Building and Places that give a high-level snapshot with timelines, charts, and featured content. Visitors can find out at a glance what makes a place green then click through for more details.

Contextual Search: An efficient search platform. The customizable faceting tools and intuitively-organized results draw on the great data integration work created by our development partners at GreenRiver.

Data Visualization

GBIG Projects that are LEED certified have a dedicated dashboard that highlights LEED performance.



Benchmarking tools compare projects against their peers and offer more context.

Search Tools



User Accounts and Collection Management



Branding & Custom Illustrations

We designed a set of custom icons for GBIG’s five data views — the largest for the homepage and smaller ones for data collections. We also created banner images to highlight environmental standouts like the Empire State Building in New York City and the Duke Energy building in Charlotte, NC.

More Work