Helping Real Estate Investors Understand Sustainability

GRESB helps institutional investors assess the environmental and sustainability performance of global real estate portfolios. GRESB’s Annual Report highlights benchmarks and trends in energy usage by analyzing data from 500+ property companies and funds from around the world.

GRESB asked us to help design a unified system for their entire data collection, analysis and benchmarking process. We created easy-to-use tools for their data collection Input Portal by introducing a new navigation structure along with dynamic forms that can be up to four levels deep.

We also improved the usability of their Output Portal by making it easier for investors to browse their data and create custom reports using their Portfolio software.


Collecting Data: Making Survey Forms Easier to Fill Out

Typically 550 property companies and funds participate in the GRESB Survey each year. The survey is GRESB’s main tool for gathering sustainability data which is used by more than 100 institutional investors, fund managers and property companies managing USD 6.1 trillion in assets.

GRESB asked to optimize the entire survey process and make it easier for respondents to fill out the survey over an extended period of time. We focused on helping people avoid getting lost in the complexity of the survey’s nested questions and multiple sections.


We designed progress indicators and completion percentages right into the survey’s navigation tools so people could easily jump around the survey and fill out sections as their data became available.

We also developed an Aspect Checklist that gives real time feedback to respondents as they fill out the survey so they can make sure that they’ve uploaded the right data before they move to another section.


Visualizing Data: Online and Print Tools

GRESB presents data on 49,000 properties from around the globe and their aggregate reports can span hundreds of pages. To help people navigate the reports, we developed a page structure with sticky headers that give context to the data. We also created a color palette and designed solutions for charts and graphs that keep GRESB reports readable in both online and printable PDF formats.


Reporting Data: Dialing Down the Visual Noise

GRESB’s reports present large amounts of data on one page. To help users navigate the reports, we reduced the visual clutter of the application so that tools and menus are easy to find for moving from section to section.

Download a GRESB 2014 Sample Report: 2014-Sample-Benchmarkreport


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