Redesigning Search and Checkout for TextbookX

April 22, 2014

We’re helping Akademos improve their TextbookX virtual bookstore in time for the Fall 2014 semester.

If you’re a student in 2014, buying textbooks online is still a painful experience. With some textbooks selling for up to $300 each, it’s no surprise that The College Board puts the annual cost of books and materials at around $1,168 per year per student. Research shows that up to one in three U.S. college-level students have given up and opted not to purchase textbooks at all.

We’re currently designing a new mobile experience that will help students who use TextbookX save money when they purchase used, marketplace and digital textbooks. Here’s how we’re improving the shopping experience:


Comparison Tools
We’re designing tools that make it easy to compare buying options and help students quickly find the cheapest textbooks for their classes.

Improved Shopping Cart
We’re optimizing the shopping cart and integrating it with a student’s Financial Aid.

Better Search
We’re designing a better search and browse experience so that students can easily find the materials they need.

Responsive Design
College students love their phones so we’re moving TextbookX to a new responsive framework that works well on a variety of devices.