Through storytelling, TimeSlips lets people with dementia and
their caregivers come together creatively.

TimeSlips is a site for creating and sharing stories online. The TimeSlips process, created by Anne Basting in 1996, inspires people with memory loss to collaborate on imaginative stories based on a photograph. Our challenge was to take that creative process, which often happens in a facility or nursing home, and translate it into an online tool.


The Process

During a live TimeSlips workshop, participants who may be struggling with dementia and the effects of Alzheimer’s disease gather in a circle and create a story based on an image they are shown by family members or caregivers. Together the group makes up a heartfelt and often humorous story that gets read back to everyone participating. This low pressure method of facilitated group storytelling is a uniquely social way for people with memory loss to access parts of their identity that have begun to vanish.

workshop1 workshop2 workshop3
Images from The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – Photos: Gary Porter

Taking the Process Online

Using TimeSlips online, storytellers make up a story or backstory based on an image of their choosing. Suggestions along the way offer guidance for those who get stuck. We also designed tools to encourage collaborative storytelling over email — the easiest method for families and caregivers to exchange or write stories together.



More Work